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Gwen Youngblood

Gwen is an Inventor, Instructor and Maker of Pretty Things. Gwen explored a variety of creative outlets, from cake decorating to quilting to lampworking, until she discovered making jewelry with Wire, Metal and Fire. They inspire her creativity and fuel her passion for teaching.

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About this Course


We have all been there…broken-hearted and sure we cannot take one more step forward. What gives us the courage to keep going? It’s that little light that won’t quit shining…it’s hope, it’s our family, it’s our friends, it’s our faith, it’s creating…I’ve come through a rough patch this year and this piece was part of that journey…

In this workshop, we will explore silver fusing and a bit of sawing to create our scared and broken heart. We will add to your soldering repertoire by soldering the prongs for the setting, soldering the tube setting in place (be careful - don’t get it on upside down…) and attaching a bail. Finally, we will finish the prongs, set our silver-fused heart and set the CZ in the tube setting (and yes, I have a favorite tool for that). At the end of class, you will have created a piece of art to remind you to never let your light quit shining.

The day will be broken up into live video demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and work periods for you to begin applying what you’ve learned. Throughout the day, Gwen will be on hand live to answer questions and help you troubleshoot. If you are just beginning to explore the world of metalsmithing, this is perfect opportunity to get your feet wet!

Makery University is hosted on an innovative platform that allows instructors and students to work together in a private virtual classroom. This class will be broken into lessons and activities, each with its own forum area where you can ask questions, upload photos of your progress, and get to know other students. The forums will be open and monitored for a full 30 days after the live class so you’ll have a continuing resource available to you as you practice your new skills. And at the end of 30 days, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group with other Makery University students where you can continue to ask questions, post your work, and take advantage of private Makery University events.

Gwen will offer a materials kit for $49.00 plus $6.95 shipping. Kits are available on Gwen’s website, At this time, materials kits can only be shipped to US addresses. Kits are shipped USPS Priority Mail which provides tracking, delivery confirmation and insurance. Kits will be shipped no later than September 1 to insure arrival in time for class.


  • An introduction to sterling silver fusing. This exploration will include fusing a small sheet of fused sterling silver to be incorporated into our project.
  • Development of soldering skills. Included skills: soldering prongs in place, soldering a tube setting and soldering the bail in place. 
  • An introduction to basic metalsmithing and wire working skills. We'll cut, texture, form, and patina metal sheet to create beautiful jewelry.
  • Detailed tool and material lists. As soon as you register for the course, you’ll have access to detailed tool and materials lists, which include sources and information about which tools are optional and which are essential “must-haves.”
  • On-going support. Gwen will be on hand throughout the day of class to answer questions, but she’ll also be monitoring the forums for 30 days and the private Makery University Facebook group on an ongoing basis, so you’ll always have a resource as you work with your new skills.
  • Live webinars. Throughout the 30 days following your live course date, Gwen will schedule periodic live webinars to host Q&A sessions or offer bonus materials that may be relevant to questions or problems the group may be experiencing.


You will need the following:

  • Computer, laptop or mobile device
  • Firefox or Chrome browser installed
  • Internet connection suitable for video streaming (20 mbps is usually sufficient)
  • Tools and materials as outlined in workshop materials to work along with your instructor

SPECIAL NOTE FOR APPLE USERS: The LIVE workshop broadcast is not currently supported on mobile Apple devices (IPhone, IPad). Apple users will need a desktop or laptop with the Chrome browser installed in order to view the LIVE broadcast on the day of the workshop. Viewing the recorded videos after the workshop is no problem on Apple mobile devices.


Live streaming workshop date:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

10am- 5pm (central)


Workshop Fee: $99

(Please note that because of the digital nature of this workshop, registrations are not refundable.)